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I was recently asked to give some sources on mad history, or the history of mental illness as it affected those living with it (ie, focused less on psychiatry and more on the people living under psychiatry). Here’s the short list I came up with. Most of these books…


The Catch 22 with poor people and clothes is that if you wear “expensive” looking or upperclass coded clothes, rich people claim that you don’t need help and are taking advantage of welfare.  But if you wear “cheap” looking or lower class coded clothes, then they see you as “trashy” and tell you that it’s your presentation and manner of dress that are to blame for classism and discrimination against you.


i’ve come a long way since i was 10 because i remember being deeply disturbed by the kenny chesney song “she thinks my tractor’s sexy” to the point where i spent hours contemplating how it could possibly make any sense, like, she thinks the tractor’s sexy? a tractor is a vehicle, right? she is…

Oh man, I did that too.


Long Black Veil.

A favorite song of mine. <3


A week ago I responded to a call for experienced street medics to come to Ferguson, Missouri to provide emergency first aid at the spectacular protests that have captured the imagination of the whole country and beyond. In addition to that mission of directly providing care, I’ve had two…

I don’t really care what you think about what’s happening in Ferguson. But if you do one thing, I ask that you listen. Listen, not to find a pause when you can respond, refute, or agree. Just listen. Let the stories sink in and recognize that these stories are someone else’s truth. Someone else’s life. Someone else’s sidewalk that maybe you walk down without a care in the world, but they walk down fearing for their safety or their children’s safety. Do your best to listen without judgement or preconceived beliefs. Absorb their stories and allow them to challenge your worldview, and if necessary, change it.

Delightfully Tacky: thoughts on ferguson as a white woman

One of my favorite fashion bloggers also turns out to have some on-point advice for fellow white people.

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Claudia_SF @Claudia_SF
Solidarity means acknowledging the particular horror of anti-Black racism by police & justice system. #DisabilitySolidarity


HEARD @behearddc
True allyship does not skirt issues of systemic #racialinjustice that’ve plagued a nation, but faces it full-on #disabilitysolidarity


Anita Cameron @adaptanita
One thing we should do as #disability orgs is be consistently in solidarity with poc, whether disabled or not. #disabilitysolidarity


Dominick Evans @dominickevans
if it’s not your experience w/ oppression not your right to debate the validity of the experience #DisabilitySolidarity